My Love

My true love will never die.

Even if the world goes against you,

i will stand up for you, for my love for you has no end.

This is exactly what God lets each one of us,

he loves us everyday,

every minute,

every second

for what we are.


This people,

is what i call,

true love.

My love for you oh lord

is something beyond words can express,

and mind can imagine.

I know how much ever i love you,

it will never and can never be compared,

to what you have given me.

I cry to you oh lord,

to touch me with thy precious blood,

to heal me with thy holy  power,

cleanse me and fill me with grace,

to fight evil with good everyday.

When my life took a right turn.

I had to face opposition from family and dear ones.

Facing trials and worries became my twin.

and it so happened that,

times came when i failed

to keep up my commitment with you.

But you my lord,

never failed to extend your hands,

to support me each time i fell,

and guided me through the right channel,

for you wanted me to fullfill your purpose,

the purpose for which i was send to the  world.

Friends we should all be thankful

for this beautiful life,

and amazing people that we have been blessed with.

May it be good or bad,

we are priviledged to be humans.

We are all unique in the eyes of the world,

for our purpose here it not to fulfill our wishes

but the wishes of lord almighty,

who showed great mercy,

in bring us to the world

and blessing us with beautiful lives.

If  God is love and God is forgiving.

So why not we ourselves be,

or try to be the definition,

of love and forgiveness???



😀 and here i come….i know its been quite some time since i showed up here. Everytime i think i should blog something or the other comes up. Now as mom and sis has left to banglore for her admission i guess i have all my time to sit peacefully and write something, which still i have no clue on. Well if i start i feel super frustrated for being stuck in india for a whole month with absolutely nothing to do. All i have done is meet relatives which am really not a big fan of. Am already going crazy as once i get back to dubai there lot of thing to do and friends to meet up with. If i ask my dad whether the tickets are booked yet all he does is yell back saying “why cant you be little more patient and wait till your sister gets her admission done, i know all you wanna do once you get back here is meet up with your friends.Is that all your concernd about”and then he ends it by saying next week lets see. Ya ryt next week!!!!! So tell me how am i to stay at home in peace when my dad alone isnt sure as to when we should get back. Home can be amazingly boring and once boredom hits me then it drives me totally insane like how i am rite now.

Well i didnt mention ryt in a couple of weeks am off to thailand for my 1 month training. Its a training for those who are taking up 1 year commitment for jesus. Woow i myself was shocked when i actually made up this decision to go for fullertimer so were my friends not to mention that cause a person like me going for such a things was shocking 😛 . Knowing the risk of being alone for 1 whole year and hearing different stories from people who have gone for it sometimes makes me wanna withdraw from it. My plan for my future had nothing that involved fullertimership. I wanted to complete my MBA probably by working and study back in dubai and have all the fun that i missed this 3 years.  But i guess this is what god had planed for me. I believe in my case how much ever planing i do something that is meant to happen will only happen.The best thing is to just accept it.  Making decision in my case is the most difficult thing ever. As of for now i have decided to go for the training. You have no idea how clueless i am. Am going with 2 friends of mine and we will be joining the jesus youth international team once we land at the airport. The very thought of it gives me goosebumps as to being at a new place a totally new crowd, its another country and the inquisitiveness to whats awaiting me there is killing me. Its all a big suprise. Unless i get back to dubai and have a word with a close friend of mine (rony) who is also an x fulltimer i dont thing i will have any peace of mind. Sometimes its so that we just get worried, be it a small thing which might sound absolutely silly to others.

The challenging part is after the 1 month training we get back to dubai and within 15 days you get your country were you will be working with the missionary for 1 year. OMG 1 year. You can get any country and be there on your own. Thats really challenging as it could be a another country were there will be lots of difficulty in copying up with lanuage, not all places do people speak fluent english. I dont think in my life i have ever taken up such a huge responsibilty where in all my action and words will be taken into account. I got couple of feed backs from those who have gone for this earlier and there have been cases where people have droped half way and gone back home but those who have taken it up and lived through have been blessed and rewarded. But i guess am determine to stay up for it. I mean i wanna know what life could be out of the comfort zone. Recently i have got so used to mom being around and she with all her mumminess of geting things perfect that even if am messy she does my work. I know being a big girl ( or thats what people say) i still cant imagine being away to a total strange place for a whole year.Even though i seem to be prepared there still a bit of scaryness remaining

I should probably see it as a whole new experience, as at some one point i will have to live my life alone. But i really dont get it as to why do i feel like chikking out now. I really dont get it why am i so nervous and scared by the whole thought. While chatting with rony last night and he told me i should be open and ready to face anything. We should have the attitude to change ourselfs for good rather than trying to change the world.

Hmmm i know i have been talking a lotta crap and about me being nervous but i guess i should let it out somehow. As of for my best friends are all back to dubai and am probably the only one stuck up here all bored and jobless to death.

I really don’t know whatelse to write and this is what i feel and i guess i cant go creative as of for now my mood is really really off. I know i sound depressing and not all that enthusiastic as it might sound from my previous post, but i believe this is my lil space where thoughts should pour out and feelings should be voiced 🙂

I guess am better now maybe this is what exactly i should have done couple of days back 😀 just write down whats in my mind and get it done with.

Well i hope this phase of mine will get over soon and probably write something better and one more thing am happy which i cant really mention here 😛 but jus know am happy about smthng smthng 😛 lolzzz

ollllaaaaaaaaaa 😀

and there am back after a very longggg break!!!!!

Its really been a crazzy 3 weeks with a lotta things haapening around….finally am done with college and now its time for me to take a long long break before i start cracking my head into something probably serious or atleast thats what i think i should do 😛 provided the fact that am a grown up ” in the eyesof others” and time for me to be all serious and stuff. Okay leave that behind…now when its comes to blogging there were actually a lotta things that i wanted to blog on and not to mention my extra socialising nature never really gave me the time to actually peacefully sit and blog….Damn!!! sometimes i really envy my close frends who blog daily…maybe i should make this one of my regular habits now 😛

so one afternoon while random googling and browsing i had this sudden intution of why not post on some of the struggles females face when it comes to love and relationship. We all look out for the one factor love and mostly we tend to look out for them in the wrong place. Many have experimented it with sexual relationships in the past. Well there are some myths that we believe and end up in such a messed up situation. So well am gonna share some myths that i feel the reson why most of ur end up in relationship.

  1. Flirting is okay.

We all think flirting is fine, but we never reaslise how much inappropriately the opposite person might be taking it. Everything starts for a jokes but it all ends up in serious trouble. Letting a boy or girl know that you are intrested in a more meaningful relationship with him is one thing, but inappropriately flirting, which can also be called “teasing” or “seduction” is another. Should you really stir up a person physically and mentally if you have intention of pursuing a relationship with him??? So just by being flirty and seductive won’t really get you anywere if you really want to grab some attention then keep your passion check, do yourself a favour and choose your words and actions wisely. 😀

2.  I need a boyfriend to feel as if am “somebody”. Having somebody will solve all my problems.

lol…Newsflash!!! if you really think you need someone to complete yourself like how you see in movies “you complete me”! then listen, no human can complete you. Yet young people try with all the power to find that special someone who will make them feel as if life is really worth living (as if living as a satisfied single person isn’t possible).

So for people who are still in the fairy tale land waiting for their prince charming to come and sweep them of their feets, well some advice for you. Do yourself a favour and get a life!Its time you face the reality and recognise who you are then do your best being that person. 🙂

3.My love will save him. I can change him.

Never make the mistake of dating a guy who needs some repair work before you could consider him marriage material. Many young women are drawn to this concept in molding the man to what they really want them to be. The truth is, its not really gonna happen. Instead you can pray for guys who have a lot of growing up and changing to do before you could consider them marriage material.

4.I feel so sexually tempted,I  must already be guilty, so why bother resisting.

Satan loves to use false guilt on  us,convincing us to cross the line between temptation and sin with thoughts like these:

  • You can’t deny that you want him. So why not go behind him.
  • You’ve already gone this far u might as well take the next step.
  • He already knows who you reaally are, so there#s no point pretending to be a goody two-shoes.

These are some gulit thoughts that we get which tempt us to sin. But don’t forget you are just tempted to sin, you havent commited a sin yet. Being sexually tempted is totally natural but the problem comes when we start to act over them. The best we can do is bounce back the temptations that pop into us and indulge into something creative.

Well i guess i have made my point clear 😀 so the best thing we can do is play a safe game. Love yourself and discover ways to improve yourself rather than trying to make somebody else better. Others life shouldnt really be a matter of much concern to you. If you go out there saving every soul that you get close to then who will save yourself 😀


One day while sitting through my usual boring lectures, i thought of writing down some random thoughts that was going through my mind.

One such thought that went across my mind was about humans and their emotions. We need a lot of love and attention. In other words we are called as emotional beings. What happens when we break up from a relationship? How do we cope up after a bad break up? Well, this little piece of work is something what i have discovered and i felt, i should share it here.

Everybody at some point in their life’s goes through an emotional phase where we feel left out and lonely, get into bad mood swings, put up a grumpy face and expect people to read us though. So much do we expect from people, how much do we give them? Man is selfish when it comes their own personal thing and when emotions are involved then its twice the attention they seek.  Being in a relationship is fun and joyful but what can also end up in painful break ups. When this happens people find it really hard to cope up.

                          Recently i happen to read this book “can love happen twice” by ravinder singh. This is the kind of book which most humans can relate to their life’s at some point. Its about the author himself, were he is narrating his love story and how love happend to him for the 2nd time. It was so touching that by the end i was left with tears. must watch

I would say this book is a must watch because it really touchs the the emotional areas and gives you like a wake up ring to understand others feelings better.

We all need attention, we all need an ear to listen and we all wished if we had somebody who we could just share all our problems and happiness, but in today’s world people are so busy and occupied, that relations and commitments are just 2 words with no meaning. Often we fail to realize who we really need and whom we don’t and this is what leads us to wrong relationships. We should always be careful when we choose people who we want to confide to. From my personal experience i can say we should never go behind and make too much effort to get close to somebody who doesn’t want us, provided we stay with people who make us feel special and wanted. But what happens when its with an opposite sex? When its a guy whom your close to and makes you feel special and wanted? We fall in love right. Yes, we fall in love . We start having some special affection towards him, even if he/she might be the worst/best or average looking person, as far as they touch the emotional side of you then nothing else matters. This is why we are called as emotional being. Haven’t we all thought why this happens or keeps happening? We fall in love love then at some point break up, then again fall in love and this episode keeps repeating. Do you know what happens in the end? Most cases people loss hope in love, other cases people suicide because they feel they are not worth living anymore and in other cases they gradually with the help of their friends and family cope up with the situation.

Here are few tips that i feel you could do to cope up with a bad break up.

  1. Its perfectly fine to be sad for a while      

See its perfectly alright to be sad for some time as you are entering into a new phase of life were you have to be alone without the person whom you deeply cared for.  You have all your rights to stay sad and a little emotional, it shows there may be some things that you miss which you loved so much in that person.

2.  Talk to your close friends.

Sharing whats in your mind itself will make you feel a lot better. Talk to a friend who knows you in and out. Somebody you know will make you feel better and supports you. Tell them how you feel and whatever is in your mind. Talking your heart out is one of the best medicines that which could be used to get over a bad relation.

3.  Try to hangout with  singles.

You must be having a lot of friends who are dating and single. If your out of a bad relation, try and avoid hanging out with friends who are dating.  You know they will be coupling around when you all hangout and that  will make you feel really miserable and emotional again.

4.  Get ride of things that might remind you of them.

Start of with letters and sms’s  that you must have saved or kept to keep referring each time you missed them. Throw away all the tiny gifts and card that you have. Just get ride of everything. The best way could be to just flush it off. 😀

5.  Do the things they restricted you from.

When you are in a relation you tend to listen to them more that yourself. Even the things you love to do the most will be restricted by them. Do all that and show them how better of you are without them.

6.   Be a little cold hearted.

It might sound harsh but its always better not to give your ex’s a soft corner when they are emotional and sad. Let them get a share of their own medicine. Let them learn to deal with the situation alone or with their friends like how you did.

7.  Spend time with family.

Family is something which no relation can be compared to. Spend time with your family and be with you parents whnever possible because times like this won’t happen again. When you can make the maximum of it.

8.  Learn something from the relationship.

                   Every relation teachs us something. There will be some reason for them to leave us or for us to make a decision to leave them. We all have our flaws and realizing them and correcting them could help us when we get into the next relationship. By learning we know were we went wrong and what would be done in order to not repeat them again.

  Now comes a piece of my advice, i have been through relationships and have heard a lot too from my friends. and all the emotional drama they go through  and this is what i tell them. Our lives are precious and nobody has the right to ruin it. We are all sensitive and emotional,  but one thing we should realize is, nobody is alone. You know why after a break up we feel left out and lonely its because we gave up everything for that one person whom we love the most and when we lose them its like a part of us is gone. This is why we should always be careful while choosing the person whom we decide to commit with. When you commit it doesn’t mean you ignore others who was there with you all this while. Its equal to ditching, and when this happens to you, remember there wont be anyone.

I guess this is all that i wanted to say, i hope it must have struck some cord in those who read it . Have a happy day ahead guys.




One look said it all

one talk gave it all

one touch spoke it all

and all that took was those

3 magical words


It was then i made you the guardian of my life,

and thats what made my life perfectly secure.

Everything seemed just perfect when i had you by my side,

so perfect that my heart lept and my eyes sparked

like a precious gem each time i saw you.

This was not just some random feeling that i had,

it was the connection we had and

the love we shared that made my life worth

living every second.

You were like the sunshine

which woke me up from a bad dream

to whisper the 3 magic word,

which would instantly make everything seem perfect.

Life seemed beautiful like never before

silly fights,silly jokes

all went like fancy pokes.


untill the time came

when evil temptation took charge,

so much we gave into for each other

but all that could result was

in sorrow and just sorrow,

and only memories were left behind.

Even if death do us apart,

my love for you will never die

Its like the glowing star in the night sky,

to which i keep staring all night

hoping to see a shoting star,

so that i could make a wish,

a wish for the return of my lost love.

Alas! i think its time,

its time to move on in life

nothing last for ever,

in my case not even my true love.

Oh my love!

what have i done to thee to deserve this,

i feel empty and worthless without you,

for i wait infinitely the day

the day when you will take my hands again.

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