What could i probably say,

to my true friend who knows it all,

u know when am sad and when my mood changes,

who catchs me red handed each time

i sway away in my thoughts

by saying”hey which world are you in”

what more can i say…they make my world.

always togethere

A true friend is someone, no matter

what all people say or do,

they will always be by your side.

Accept you for what you are and never

want you to change for them.

A true friends sees the tears in your eyes

while the others see the fake smile

that you put on your face.

For a sranger you maybe some random by stander,

for a friend a bubbly cheerful and out going person,

but a true friend knows how truely insane you can get ;P

This is why i could deticate,

this little piece of my creation

to all my true friends who know me

so well that nothing stops them from loving

the true,crazy, insane person in me.

I bet like me there will be many who must have felt and experienced the same feeling when it comes to their friends too.

Never be to late to tell or show them how much they mean to you because like one of my favourite saying goes,

nothing last forever,

so live it u, drink it down

avoid all the bullshit.

Take chance and never regrets,

because at one point you will realise

everything you did was exactly

what you wanted.

stay with each other in whatever shit we get into