Well on the hunt for blogging something which i can proudly say is one of my  recently  addicts , i came across something interesting which i thought maybe i could share it here. Is just a simple way of how could u make your day perfect…… 😀

  • Start the day with what you enjoy doing the most, for me i start off by looking at the mirror and saying your 1 beauty ;p
  • Greet your roomie or neighbour with a BIG SMILE

    like this eeeee

  • Get yourself some energy booster like coffee or chocolate.

    a coffe and chocolate combo

  • What were you have to wear make yourself feels sexy and beautiful.

    Look the best

  • If you feel like walking out to campus in bathroom slippers then do it…what are you waiting for?? christmas??
  • Give a big hug to your best friend or close ones

    best hug ever

  • Have your favourite food or drink
  • Go for a walk with somebody you have never been with and get to know them better
  • If you happen to hear any gossips about you…the key to ultimate happiness is to ignore them. Its your life, not theirs

    ignore them

  • Watch a movie
  • For girls…indulge in some girly gossips ;p
  • Keep telling yourself how previlaged you are to be a part of this crazzy world
  • Love yourself each day

These are jus some few random things that 1 could do to make their day simple perfect….so what is that you guys do?? ;D