It feels like am blogging after a very long time. There was so much happening recently in college that i really did’nt get time to properly sit i write in peace….and now here am back ;D. I feel so happy after the dance performance on stage yesterday, it was our college day and it was the last and final dance that my team  would be doing before leaving college. When i mention about dance i remember the first time my dance team got on stage when in our 1st year, it was just the four of us, myself,  roshni, nithya and arya, the team was just created without any auditions and we blended in perfectly. In between 2 of our other friends had joined to but when we did our last stage performance it was back to the same 4some group. Our main intention was to just enjoy the dance and get the crowd woooow with our performance, we  rocked the dance floor  with our final performance, and trust me i have never enjoyed and danced on stage so much  like i did yesterday. we all were so full of energy, smiling and moving just to leave the stage with a bang!!! All our performance have been one among the best in college but something about yesterday was the “special” 😀dance till our drop dead

We all had 1 more  hidden agenta behind this dance, it was to show off to 1 of our teacher,  i really feel sad calling him that as it is a serious disgrace to the teacher hood, happens to tell my team member that we are weak in dancing. None of us would stand that comment nor could our classmates, as till date they always  needed us for all the cultural events  in college and when suddenly  another team started performing he started favouring them more , so this dance was more like a get back at him and we are so happy we did it, we did exactly what we wanted and we had the entire class to support us, the dance ended with the guys performance were we did a star entry haha ,” which happens to be a crime in college ” 😉  and literally got all jaws down ;D.We are literally so proud of ourself, that the entire class came running to us after the dance to say ” finally we did it!!!!!   its like united we all stood to break the rule of our college and create a  history there ;Dwe made history

Now when i  look back and think about what all i did in college and what i wanted to do, its like after yesterdays performance a part of me is filled with so much of happiness and satisfaction because this was one way to  pay tribute to my college for all the wonderful miserable  times i had to go through and i was so helpless but just swallow it.

College even though being a misery and hell, it did have a beauty and charm  its own way. If not for this place then there would have been many things i wouldn’t be doing now. For ex blogging ;p my best friend in college, roshni was the frist one to introduce me to this blogging world and the list goes on. As of for me, i learnt a lot from this place. Its like now i know how to take care so myself without having people telling me what to do and how to do. I know myself better and i know what i want. Enjoying all the freedom it gets to be our self and to love yourself the way you are, trust me is the best feeling ever.

enjoy yourself even when your alone

I end my post by saying life is too short to wake up with regrets, so live like there’s no tomorrow. Believe that everything happens for a reason, let it be good or bad. If  you get a chance take it and experience what it has, as most lessons we learn in life our through our experiences. Nobody promised life could be easy they just promised it would be  worth it.

live your life today