One look said it all

one talk gave it all

one touch spoke it all

and all that took was those

3 magical words


It was then i made you the guardian of my life,

and thats what made my life perfectly secure.

Everything seemed just perfect when i had you by my side,

so perfect that my heart lept and my eyes sparked

like a precious gem each time i saw you.

This was not just some random feeling that i had,

it was the connection we had and

the love we shared that made my life worth

living every second.

You were like the sunshine

which woke me up from a bad dream

to whisper the 3 magic word,

which would instantly make everything seem perfect.

Life seemed beautiful like never before

silly fights,silly jokes

all went like fancy pokes.


untill the time came

when evil temptation took charge,

so much we gave into for each other

but all that could result was

in sorrow and just sorrow,

and only memories were left behind.

Even if death do us apart,

my love for you will never die

Its like the glowing star in the night sky,

to which i keep staring all night

hoping to see a shoting star,

so that i could make a wish,

a wish for the return of my lost love.

Alas! i think its time,

its time to move on in life

nothing last for ever,

in my case not even my true love.

Oh my love!

what have i done to thee to deserve this,

i feel empty and worthless without you,

for i wait infinitely the day

the day when you will take my hands again.