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My Love

My true love will never die.

Even if the world goes against you,

i will stand up for you, for my love for you has no end.

This is exactly what God lets each one of us,

he loves us everyday,

every minute,

every second

for what we are.


This people,

is what i call,

true love.

My love for you oh lord

is something beyond words can express,

and mind can imagine.

I know how much ever i love you,

it will never and can never be compared,

to what you have given me.

I cry to you oh lord,

to touch me with thy precious blood,

to heal me with thy holy  power,

cleanse me and fill me with grace,

to fight evil with good everyday.

When my life took a right turn.

I had to face opposition from family and dear ones.

Facing trials and worries became my twin.

and it so happened that,

times came when i failed

to keep up my commitment with you.

But you my lord,

never failed to extend your hands,

to support me each time i fell,

and guided me through the right channel,

for you wanted me to fullfill your purpose,

the purpose for which i was send to the  world.

Friends we should all be thankful

for this beautiful life,

and amazing people that we have been blessed with.

May it be good or bad,

we are priviledged to be humans.

We are all unique in the eyes of the world,

for our purpose here it not to fulfill our wishes

but the wishes of lord almighty,

who showed great mercy,

in bring us to the world

and blessing us with beautiful lives.

If  God is love and God is forgiving.

So why not we ourselves be,

or try to be the definition,

of love and forgiveness???



Top 10

Have we ever thought how much we connect to music. I love music and good songs. They can just pep up your mood any time and any hour of a day. With my new profound addiction for songs, i thought of listing some of my all time favourites. Some must be really crazzy, never mind it just defines the crazzy, fun side of me!!! 😀

  Here goes the list my top 10……. 

1. love the way you lieRihanna

love the way you lie

love the way you lie (Photo credit: artisticana)

2. stereo hearts –  Gym class hereos

3. who am i- Casting Crowns

4. why this kolavery di- Dhanush lovePitbull (ft chris brown)

6. i hate you like i love you- delhi belly

7. eenie  meenie- Sean Kingston

8. what makes you beautiful- one direction

9. rehab- Rihanna

Stereo Hearts

Stereo Hearts (Photo credit: Robbie1)

10. theeye theeye

These are my top all time favourites…..what yours ? 😀

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