Only lord if i knew,

why was all this happening to me.

could i be a little prepared,

for all the turmoil that came my way.

My days have become so weary.

Even though i put up a smile,

you know deep inside i cry,

for the reason which i don’t understand,

for all i know is that am hurt.

Hurt for what!! i ask myself,

for having trusted someone so much

to be backstabbed and left lonely.

If alone did i know oh lord,

the ocean of your love open to me,

even in the times of my despair

i would’ve come to thee.

With a grateful heart,

i thank God for the cross i carry.

for every night there’s a dawn,

so shall be my days when i meet the lord.

I wait for that day,

preparing myself to be awed.

You know how much i love thee,

for my heart is overwhelmed.