Get to know me better

As of for now am a 21 year old( smthng i still cant accept) doing my graduation in bcom, and thankfully i jus have a month more and i can choose my way to the next college.

If i would have to describe myself in 1 word i would call myself ” awesome” :D.

A total super human…i love myself πŸ˜€ i’m crazzy…a full on hyper person and being tired and lazyy is just not in my blood….by crazzy i didnt mean it in the literal sense as to some psychpath who needs a serious doctor to attend on :p but the crazy crazy person who loves fun and believes that life is just once so live it to the fullest. am truely optimistic, cheerfull, bubbly and a fashion maniac. I love thats got anything to do with bags, clothes and cosmetic ;p basically am addicted to them lol which are signs of a typical girl…i agree i am girlly i dont see why people shouldnt be proud of their gender…;)

even though currently am at my hometown kerala...DUBAI is where my heart,soul,mind and body belongs….i’ve been born and bought up there and nothing will ever change the personal attachment i have to that place.

Β IΒ  read, i love having coffee, eating chocolates and enjoy listening to music, 3 things i do on a regular bases ;p then travelling, making new friends , reading facts, watching movies,writting my dairy oooo this is something which gives my peace in abundance….its really amazing how much writing can influence once mood and state of mind. i didnt mention i like trying out new cusines, drinks,walking around in my homeclothes which people might thing is totaly crazzy which is why i said am a totally crazzy person πŸ˜€

its very recent that i started blogging and i think its one place where people can just open up and share anything and everything under the universe….and i bet once i have got the hang on this i will be literally pouring out my thoughts which when i read later would be a little adventure to my past…more like a mini documentation of myself….;)

Β if you guys want to keep i touch and ask my anything crazzy and want to know different ways to make your life worth living every second just punch me by a mail on ;D