So finally the day has come were in i just have couple of hours at home before i leave to the airport. You know the feeling of stepping out from the comfort zone to an entire new country, an entire new place, new culture, new people and to top it all new language. I always had a big fantasy towards learning a new language and thai was least of my options. But then here i am going to thailand.

The thrill is killer i must say. I remember last week this time i was super scared and nervous. I was so tensed that i remember ending up in tears imagining how things would turn out to be, but as i have reached the day, like its THE day now were am leaving and God i must say the feeling is superb. Its like couple of us who havent really met face 2 face already has a good rapo…thanks to facebook πŸ˜€ we formed this group called international fultimers 2012 and a couple of us are already members of it. Its like a we already started a small fellowship even before we actually met. Awesome ryt!!!! Never did i ever imagine this would happeen, now it could really feel like home once we all get together. We are a group of 20 members from different part of the world who has come togethere for a common purpose. To know and love the lord and to give him in the best way possible.

If you ask me how i am rite now…..frankly speaking am really looking forward for a change. A change in every possible way. Sometimes its so that memories has its sweet ways of haunting us. Specially the bad ones. Its more like our days are challenged by them… much ever we try to over come them at some point they just shoot back and when they do it just shatters us. I must say am in such a kind of state now….lot of memories keep sliding through my mind and finally gets on my nerves. Its true when you really take up a commitment you face trials in many ways and i guess for me its through memories.

A lot of my issues surrounds in and around college. But i really don’t regret anything cause if am what i am rite now is because of the small small roles that my friends and people around me played. Let it be good or bad they were all a blessing or a lesson to me some way.If you ask me what i gained from all this is never trust anybody completely….we are all humans and humans are weak. Not all have the xtra ordinary will power to keep all your secrets and if at all you feel equally connected to a person its always better to keep them at a good distance. It so happens that at some point you guys get close and share everything and then one fine day that person is no longer with you so don’t you think memories of that person with whom you shared the darkest side of you, will haunt you and disturbe your peace. Then why take chance. Its always better to trust in yourself and in the lord who is watching your steps everyday. In him can you put your trust completely and its him who can fill that little empty space in your heart that craves for love.

So i guess its time for me to close up for now….i assure you i will be back soon and that will be from THAILAND πŸ˜€ with a lot more exciting news and new experinces to share…so till then

adios πŸ˜€



Well i really couldn’t say am on a happy go lucky side, but am sure i will be fine.

Life teaches you a lot of lesson. Some lesson are taught by your dear ones, some that you might see around and some through really bad experiences. It depends on how every individual decide to take it. Recently i happend to attend a leadership training class and something which the resource person said really made me think was true. Every person in our life has either been a blessing or a lesson. Interesting right. Sometimes its so that we fail to realize what we do and what we say how much it really hurts others. Be it your best friend or relative. As humans we are all weak to emotions. What is the basic affection that every human craves for, its love. Love is something we all need and love is all that we want. Many of us in todays busy world wanna be loved and cared for, and for that be it any extend we wouldn’t mind going. Do we actually think how much of an impact we are leaving back in the minds of others??? Be it small or big, once an impact is created then nothing can change it, and if anything has to change god himself has to work some miracle.

While am on the processes of becoming a missionary for a year. There is this 1 month training that will be held in thailand. I guess i had it mentioned in the previous post.For now i have come down to dubai cause its from where i will be going for my mission. Well to my utmost suprise, everybody was waiting for me to just get back so i could tell them what really inspired me to take up this 1 year commitment. It was a momment of excitment and at the same time scary. After getting back from india, from an atmosphere of complete laziness to a world were am pre-occupied, i found it hard to choose what my priority was. This was the time when i got to spend some real quality time with a long lost friend of mine who happend to be my compaion for the training. It was so shocking that there were a lot of things that were pretty common in us. We made it a point that we meet up daily till the day we go off for our training. While i was listening to her story she had mentioned that she was in fact going through a real tough time and how beautifully the lord almighty was helping her cope up with her worries. I had heard from others friends of mine too that once we take a decision there will many situation were we would be judge and put into lot of trials. So on hearing this, i decided to strenghten my personal relationship with jesus. I took up a decision to go for mass daily, read the gospel and reflect on it. Well i didnt really know what was making me do all this because am someone who could fluctuate easily and decision change by minute, but somehow i had this sudden urge to call the lord and to strengthen my long lost faith in him.

It so happend that one fine day last week, an incident happend in my life. It was my mistake and if you ask me why i did it, i probably would have no answer to that cause somethings just happen, and we really wouldn’t have any explaination to give for it. This little incident took me to a level were one of my very dear and close friend broke her friendship with me. I should say i was lost and all i know is that my heart felt heavy, so heavy that i thought it might explode for a second, but that was it. Trust me that was it. I felt that heaviness just for sometime and i felt this sudden calmness in me. It was more like some force within kept me really calm and a voice inside kept saying forgive her and leave it to me.

Forgiveness and depending on god was the exact reflection i had that day and the previous days when i reflected upon the gospel i had read. Even though when i got dumped by my best friend somehow i didnt feel trashed or thrown away. I should say from that very minute i felt my heart being filled with the unconditional love of jesus. I know my mistake and as humans some mistakes that our friends make can’t be forgiven by humans in their thinking, but who are we to judge them??? If the lord himself could forgive those who persecuted him, then who gives us the right to punish others and decide if forgiveness should be given to them or not. It was then that i realised why i was put through intense personal prayer which made me get closer to God and feel the power of his mighty love and how much more unconditional and compassionate he is in giving it. When we all make mistakes do we realise how much we are hurting the lord who created us??? If he has send us to earth its cause he wants to fullfill his purpose through us and not make him the instrument to fullfill our purpose.

We are all Gods handmade and unique. Each of our thumb print are different and so our looks and talents. The greatess gift of God is to love and be loved, for the lord himself has told us ” love your neighbours just has i have loved you”. How many of us are actually doing this in real life.

Its true nobody is perfect but nothing stops us from attaining perfection. For perfection can only be attained through mistakes, and as humans its our birth right to make mistakes, provided we learn from them. I can boldly say that what i am now, is cause of all the mistakes that i have commited in my past intentionaly or accidently, and now its teaching me a big lesson. Sometimes we learn lessons the hard way, and for me many of my lesson in life were taught to me the hard way cause when am given an initial warning i take it for granted and its goes on till bang!!! i get this real hard and bad knock on my head, and thats how its for me.

But i must say, life is very beautiful with me now. Its like everyday i wake thanking the Lord for letting me see another beautiful day and asking his grace to be able to face the day with wisdom and courage. Sometimes losing someone makes us realise how much we have compremised on our priorities. I am not saying we should be self centred and not cater to others but we must know what our priorities are and set them in such a manner that later we don’t have to regret.

Its almost 4 am and such a blessed night. For days have i been wanting to say this prayer of Divine Mercy at 3 am and bloging was one way that helped me stay awake and at sharp 3 am i was able to say the prayer. I had never even thought of blogging today, infact i had this very dear friend of mine David who happend to read my blog and said i could do wonders and inspire people. I must thank him cause he was one reason that i felt i should blog.

See these are some small yet amazing ways that God gets you closer to him, how much of a sinner you maybe, every child, every youth, every adult is special to him. For me now through David i was able to blog and by blogging i was able to say the 3 o’clock Divine Mercy prayer which i have been longing to say. See how everything turned out to be a blessing!!! Like me i bet everyone of you must have had some way or some people through whom you were blessed. All you need to do is jus spend some time of the 24 hours that you have, for your creator and thank him for giving you another beautiful day to live.

Well i guess thats all for now, i should be back soon till then good night


ollllaaaaaaaaaa πŸ˜€

and there am back after a very longggg break!!!!!

Its really been a crazzy 3 weeks with a lotta things haapening around….finally am done with college and now its time for me to take a long long break before i start cracking my head into something probably serious or atleast thats what i think i should do πŸ˜› provided the fact that am a grown up ” in the eyesof others” and time for me to be all serious and stuff. Okay leave that behind…now when its comes to blogging there were actually a lotta things that i wanted to blog on and not to mention my extra socialising nature never really gave me the time to actually peacefully sit and blog….Damn!!! sometimes i really envy my close frends who blog daily…maybe i should make this one of my regular habits now πŸ˜›

so one afternoon while random googling and browsing i had this sudden intution of why not post on some of the struggles females face when it comes to love and relationship. We all look out for the one factor love and mostly we tend to look out for them in the wrong place. Many have experimented it with sexual relationships in the past. Well there are some myths that we believe and end up in such a messed up situation. So well am gonna share some myths that i feel the reson why most of ur end up in relationship.

  1. Flirting is okay.

We all think flirting is fine, but we never reaslise how much inappropriately the opposite person might be taking it. Everything starts for a jokes but it all ends up in serious trouble. Letting a boy or girl know that you are intrested in a more meaningful relationship with him is one thing, but inappropriately flirting, which can also be called “teasing” or “seduction” is another. Should you really stir up a person physically and mentally if you have intention of pursuing a relationship with him??? So just by being flirty and seductive won’t really get you anywere if you really want to grab some attention then keep your passion check, do yourself a favour and choose your words and actions wisely. πŸ˜€

2.Β  I need a boyfriend to feel as if am “somebody”. Having somebody will solve all my problems.

lol…Newsflash!!! if you really think you need someone to complete yourself like how you see in movies “you complete me”! then listen, no human can complete you. Yet young people try with all the power to find that special someone who will make them feel as if life is really worth living (as if living as a satisfied single person isn’t possible).

So for people who are still in the fairy tale land waiting for their prince charming to come and sweep them of their feets, well some advice for you. Do yourself a favour and get a life!Its time you face the reality and recognise who you are then do your best being that person. πŸ™‚

3.My love will save him. I can change him.

Never make the mistake of dating a guy who needs some repair work before you could consider him marriage material. Many young women are drawn to this concept in molding the man to what they really want them to be. The truth is, its not really gonna happen. Instead you can pray for guys who have a lot of growing up and changing to do before you could consider them marriage material.

4.I feel so sexually tempted,IΒ  must already be guilty, so why bother resisting.

Satan loves to use false guilt onΒ  us,convincing us to cross the line between temptation and sin with thoughts like these:

  • You can’t deny that you want him. So why not go behind him.
  • You’ve already gone this far u might as well take the next step.
  • He already knows who you reaally are, so there#s no point pretending to be a goody two-shoes.

These are some gulit thoughts that we get which tempt us to sin. But don’t forget you are just tempted to sin, you havent commited a sin yet. Being sexually tempted is totally natural but the problem comes when we start to act over them. The best we can do is bounce back the temptations that pop into us and indulge into something creative.

Well i guess i have made my point clear πŸ˜€ so the best thing we can do is play a safe game. Love yourself and discover ways to improve yourself rather than trying to make somebody else better. Others life shouldnt really be a matter of much concern to you. If you go out there saving every soul that you get close to then who will save yourself πŸ˜€


olllaaaaa….i know its been a while since i showed up here…..its that past 1 week i was home and was caught up with lotta stuff that i really didnt get a moment to actually peacefully sit and blog. Exams started today and it didnt go so well. This is what happens when you actually study a lot, specially those topics which teachers say are important and when we get the question paper it will be all those questions which were actually not mentioned….how bizzare!!!!! This really got my mood spoiled. Its like some days even the slightess of the things might really get you off. You really don’t know why but it just happens. How much ever you try to be happy everyday ther ewill always be somethings that will either drive us really emotional or drive us insanely nutss.

But like evry other day i was planing on going back to hostel to get some sleep thinking that would probably help me get my mind off the bad exam that i had just written, and thats when roshni told me to just check my blog. So then i decided to stay back, and when i checked up my blog i saw this award that i was nominated for…its called the sunshine award….wooow i dont think anythings would have made me so happy :D. Sunshine….yes its sunshine. Who doesnt like sunshine….imagine your loved ones wishing you early morning by saying “good morning sunshine” doesnt that just pep you up. The very thought of sunshine or by just hearing that word makes us all happy and cheerful. So my best friend roshni happened to nominate me to this award called the sunshine award. lol πŸ˜€ now i know why she was eager to get me check my blog πŸ˜‰












so this award here has certain condition like every other awards. They are.

  • include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

The logo of the award has been included and here goes the anwsers to the 10 questins about me.

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite animal: Puppies

Favorite number:Β  4

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Lemonade,watermelon juice,water

Prefer Facebook or Twitter?Β  Facebook

My passion: Fashion

Prefer getting or giving presents:Β  Getting

Favorite pattern: Checks( they are trendy now)

Favorite day of the week: Saturday

Favorite flower: Rose and orchid ( its fragrance is simply amazing)

πŸ˜€ eeee here i have answered the 10 questions about me. Am nominating 10 others fabulous bloggers that i peek into.

  1. victoria writes
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wooow now that was some serious work. Okay so to my fablous bloggers this is a little suprise for you. Hope you guys like it πŸ˜€

Make your day worth with a little sunshine and let the world see how beautiful you are.

sunshine smile


Often people come across this question as to who they really are and f we are happy or not…..there are many times when we wear an invisible mask on our face n order to please ppl…but the question is…is that what we really want?? do we really need to live a life pleasing ppl?? how many of us really know the true “us” and how many of us are really confident to protray the real u or the real me??? πŸ™‚ 1 thing that i have realised is jus be what u r… matter what people say no matter how much they try to change u to what they want u to be… far as u are happy nothing else matters….u know in life we all come accross a lot of ups n downs….we lose confidence n hope, to be frank may be the ones who we thought really knew us and were our true friends will be the first ones to back stab us….thats when people fear to show or be what they truely are…its cos dey fear to lose ppl who are close to dem..but jusan insight to this…dont u think ppl should love u more for wht u truely are??? true friends vl never ask u to change for dem or behave in a manner that pleases dem…its really sad n heart breaking to how cruel nd selfish human kind cud be…

Such a thing happend in my very recently….being a socialite i hv lot of frends n and out of colg….taking n making frends is somthng tht i hav always enjoyed doing….m a very cheerful,bubbly,freedom loving,sensitive and a total hyper person…..i love listenin to music n watch movies…..and when am that jobless i let out the creative side of me… while living happily one fine day last week i happen to notice my close frends behaving oddly….it really hurted me as i had mentioned above m really sensitive….i askd n all dey did was jus smile ater that evening we had a group chat…woow u wont believe it 3 couple n me….the single me btwn 3 couple who kpt critising me saying i changed n all tht….wht the hell….i was so totally confused tht it tuk me some tym to cum to reality and realise tht dey really didnt knw the true me…ppl change like duh dey do….hu remains constant?? den dey r not human….u show hu u truely r to those u r really comfortable wid n if dey cant accept me for wht dey r dey shudnt try to change me to wht dey want….does it really matter to them if i change or not??? wht matters is f m happy or not…..n its been 2 weeks i hav never seen myslf so distrubed n frustrated…..wht a good way to end college…..3 years of friendship all ends wid misunderstanding n selfishness…..srsly der wr always tyms whn i used to keep fighting wid my parents over my friends n mom used to tell me never to trust every1 u never know hu ur true friends….and i think i have learnt my share….i bet my people out there must have had the same experience like i did at some point in their lifes to….to all those ppl who have ever be ditched by their frends or lover jus know ” u too good for dem” u deserve to be wid ppl hu will treat u for wht u r and love u more than u can ever imagine….. πŸ˜€ life is awesome if u stop worrying to much nd stop being to concerned about others….life live it love it nd feel it……make everyday worth living nd love evrythng u do by doing wht u love πŸ˜‰

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