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So finally the day has come were in i just have couple of hours at home before i leave to the airport. You know the feeling of stepping out from the comfort zone to an entire new country, an entire new place, new culture, new people and to top it all new language. I always had a big fantasy towards learning a new language and thai was least of my options. But then here i am going to thailand.

The thrill is killer i must say. I remember last week this time i was super scared and nervous. I was so tensed that i remember ending up in tears imagining how things would turn out to be, but as i have reached the day, like its THE day now were am leaving and God i must say the feeling is superb. Its like couple of us who havent really met face 2 face already has a good rapo…thanks to facebook 😀 we formed this group called international fultimers 2012 and a couple of us are already members of it. Its like a we already started a small fellowship even before we actually met. Awesome ryt!!!! Never did i ever imagine this would happeen, now it could really feel like home once we all get together. We are a group of 20 members from different part of the world who has come togethere for a common purpose. To know and love the lord and to give him in the best way possible.

If you ask me how i am rite now…..frankly speaking am really looking forward for a change. A change in every possible way. Sometimes its so that memories has its sweet ways of haunting us. Specially the bad ones. Its more like our days are challenged by them… much ever we try to over come them at some point they just shoot back and when they do it just shatters us. I must say am in such a kind of state now….lot of memories keep sliding through my mind and finally gets on my nerves. Its true when you really take up a commitment you face trials in many ways and i guess for me its through memories.

A lot of my issues surrounds in and around college. But i really don’t regret anything cause if am what i am rite now is because of the small small roles that my friends and people around me played. Let it be good or bad they were all a blessing or a lesson to me some way.If you ask me what i gained from all this is never trust anybody completely….we are all humans and humans are weak. Not all have the xtra ordinary will power to keep all your secrets and if at all you feel equally connected to a person its always better to keep them at a good distance. It so happens that at some point you guys get close and share everything and then one fine day that person is no longer with you so don’t you think memories of that person with whom you shared the darkest side of you, will haunt you and disturbe your peace. Then why take chance. Its always better to trust in yourself and in the lord who is watching your steps everyday. In him can you put your trust completely and its him who can fill that little empty space in your heart that craves for love.

So i guess its time for me to close up for now….i assure you i will be back soon and that will be from THAILAND 😀 with a lot more exciting news and new experinces to share…so till then

adios 😀



When i was lazying around one fine afternoon my brother happened to play this absolutely beautiful music which struck me really hard. I dont mean like the hard bad way but in a way that so took me deep into thoughts. We all think about something or the other always. and for me at that very minute my mind just traveled straight into my college days. I must say, music really has its own profound ways of getting us really nostalgic. When i had my colleges days flashing like a slide show through my mind i suddenly went back to the 1st day i stepped into college. All my fantasy’s about college was all based on the varrious movies that i had watch couple of times. New surroundings, new faces, teachers, more over a co-head classroom not to mention i did my schooling from girls only. When it comes to meeting people and socialising, it was always a piece of cake for me. But getting the rite kind of friends and getting into the kinda circle that i could blend in is something which doesnt happen over the night. Well to my shock as i stepped out of the college chapel i randomly redieved a hug and all i know is for a second i was totally stund because i heard a guy call out my name and the next minute i know is him giving me a hug. I know personally i was haapy that finally there is somebody i knew but then i didnt really want that hug cause i knew many people would be oggling at me with their eyes and that was enough for bbc hot news to flash around college like wild fire. Well i don’t really have to mention how “broad” minded the poeple out here in kerala are to actually accept two friends of the opposite sex giving a hug.

Then i walk into class and it didnt feel all that awkard cause i had a friend of mine with me. But again i had to keep myself away from him for a while so that i did’t give a bad impression to the class crowd rite away on the 1st day of college,and  thats something now i am least bothered about. Really if we start to care whatever people say about us, then what are our lives for, to be lived dictated by others or to be lived by the way we want it and the way we feel is rite?? okay am not getting there now. So then started my hunt to find the rite kind of people or the ones whom i could say connect with on every level. It wasnt really a easy job like it sounds because there were many people from different walks of life. In a month or 2 we had a small circle formed. Most of us in the gang were NRI’s so you know it was easy for us to connect and have our kind of fun. We all had emmense fun together thou there were a lot of bitching involved in between.

Things took a turn when couple of us got into relationship and things weren’t really the same as before. It sounds silly know but ya then it was one time when we whined over our guys if they say i love you, silly fights, late night chats and crying over silly but million break ups that came in between, and the end results was heart breaking. All of us got out of our relationship at one point one after the other. That was like a serious depression fever that had spread among us. The minute one steps out all fine and good the other one gets the fever. Lol this kept happening until we all reached a point were we knew we were the best ourself. It suprised me very much when i slowly started noticing how people around started changing and showing their true colours.The change was more noticed during my last two sems in college. Friends whom i thought were all that just turned out to be rite the opposite. So many occastions kept happening when i myself had to take a step back and think whether these people whom i called my true friends, did they really turn out to be like this???

But then not everybody turns out to be bad. We often tend to over look the goods ones we have and turn to the bad ones untill we all get a bad knock on our head and realise whom really cared and didnt. Well one such personality was roshni.:D Thou we were in the same gang we weren’t really close or lets say intimate. She was one among those very few girls that really caught my attention when we had an ice breaking section at our hostel, and man should i say from then on she has always been a regular visitor to my room, explains clearly how she got into my small circle of friends. Things changed this year for us. New year night was like a whole new chapter for both of us. lol it was the the the best new year of my life. The ultimate bash ever, and this is what got us really really close.

Roshni is like my bff now. I didnt know we would ever get this close. She is one person who has never ever told me to change and accepted me for what i am. Sometimes its takes us a while to really know who our true best friends are, and for me she is one of the best things that has happend in college. Times we had together these 4 months are like memories enough to teasure life long. If there is somebody whom i miss so much from college would be her and vipin an other best friend of mine, or i should say the male version 😛

Me and roshni had this very naturally occuring ritual of fighting every week. I my wildest memmory i don’t think we have been through atleast one week without fighting. Its true when people true love and care for each other fights happen but in our case it was something which kept happening on like a weekly bases. The best of the best times we shared together were in Goa, sluber times at my place, b’day suprise which was a really big suprise for her and all our crazzy late night talks and either of sleep taking while the other one is awake…lol 😀

I know it sounds lil chessy but this is exactly what i miss and what i thought when i heard that music. I miss her and yeah clearly it shows cause i ended up blogging about her….hehe lets just assume that some really beautiful people ( beautiful by heart ):P are worth blogging and not that she doesnt look good her eyes are killer…but then again i shouldnt let her fly too high as i know by reading this she must have already banged her head on the ceiling. 😀

lol k so here you go roshni i dedicate this post to you, not because your my best friend which definitely you are but for being my the best friend…and being there for me always and for being that one person to whom i would run to even if it was 3 a.m when you must be having one of those fantasying dreams about whoever 😛 jus kidding!!! But leme tell you are the best and be the best where were you go.

Sometimes writing is the one best way to convey what is really in your mind than talking it out. I started of with music and here i ended up blogging on my best friend. I bet like me there must be someone who must have touched your heart in some way, let me tell you guys, never ever lose them, how much of a bad or good reputation they have if they have been with you through all the thick and thin then they are just the rite people who no matter what will always stay at your side 🙂

Roshni here goes my teddy blog cyber hug for making all those worthless days of mine simply perfect xoxoxo 😀

So guys who are you gonna give a teddy cyber hug or lets say a real teddy hug too 😉

hi hi hi….i knw its been a long tym again…u knw its pretty hard to really keep up to your daily routine specially when you have a lotta stuff happening one after the other. Well in my case its better not to ask. You really don’t know the pain of walking pass someone who knows you so well and acts like a perfect stranger,pretty strange isnt it. May it be your best friend ( atleast you thought she was) or your lover or anybody for that matter happens to bump on to you and when you know there has been a distance which has been formed unknowingly it hurts, somewhere within us even if we deny it. I have been in kinda the same plot for a couple of days now. Since its the end of my college days, these are the times when best friends and couples cling on to each other more….but for this college i see only couples cling and for best friends, they are more or less like strangers now. How ironic can this get. Seriously am little bit pissed of down here, seriously there is no problem that cant be solved, and i really don’t understand why people here fancy walking around with big faces expecting others to understand whats in their mind!!!!! ya ryt do wereally that? how better is it when you just sit and talk it out.

Seriously what do you get from holding up grudge a walking around when there will be a time where even if you want to you can not be with them. Life is short and so is time. Make yourself and others happy and stop drooling over problems and thinking it over and over and making it a big issue. I know all this sounds really emotional but when i look around thats all what i see…lot of emotional and provocating stuffs. Even if you want to come up with somethings really creative it just wouldnt happen here because there are a lot other powerfull things to pull you down.

Phew 😀 k i guess i feel a lot better now. Its like i so badly wanted to just share whats inside me,  which apparently is not possible in college cause many questions will pop up, and am seriously not in a mood to reveal who that person is.

I bet we have all had our fair share of misunderstanding and fights with are dear and loved ones, but how would it feel if you were the one to always approach them to solve it out and you see no movement from the other party? Won’t you be like WTF!!!!!!!!!!! yeah and thats how exactly i am right now!!!! seriously dont you wanna make an approach and tell me whats going on???its like these are days when we know there is so much to say and share but we prefer being alone. A lot of people choose being lonely and just be to themselfs. But you don’t realize how much it affects the others who were with you all through and when you suddenly avoid them. its not a funny joke to be avoided or even feel that way when you have people around. Seriously let me ask you one simple question, why do we call some people speacial?? easy cause we really like them. Do you go out to the street and shout at some random dude saying he’s speacial to you? no you dont. So if we say or make people feel speacial its cause we really want them. Will we ever ditch them cause of some mood swing that you’ve got or because of some issues that might be personal???

seriously hellloo knock knock m your best friends there’s nothing like that i don’t know about you that is keeping you away from sharing going on…..:s

Sometimes people just need to get it the hard way to feel what the others went through and if thats what they choose then there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, just let them get a taste of their own medicine. As simple as that 😉

Hmmmm I really hope this comes to an end atleast before leaving college. I really dont want things turning up bad bad…or lets just say its 13th friday…maybe somebody just jinxed me witha bad day 😛 anways  am winding up here…i will surely get back with something really good probably the next time i pop in to my blog.

adios 😀 keep rocking!!!!


olllaaaaa….i know its been a while since i showed up here…..its that past 1 week i was home and was caught up with lotta stuff that i really didnt get a moment to actually peacefully sit and blog. Exams started today and it didnt go so well. This is what happens when you actually study a lot, specially those topics which teachers say are important and when we get the question paper it will be all those questions which were actually not mentioned….how bizzare!!!!! This really got my mood spoiled. Its like some days even the slightess of the things might really get you off. You really don’t know why but it just happens. How much ever you try to be happy everyday ther ewill always be somethings that will either drive us really emotional or drive us insanely nutss.

But like evry other day i was planing on going back to hostel to get some sleep thinking that would probably help me get my mind off the bad exam that i had just written, and thats when roshni told me to just check my blog. So then i decided to stay back, and when i checked up my blog i saw this award that i was nominated for…its called the sunshine award….wooow i dont think anythings would have made me so happy :D. Sunshine….yes its sunshine. Who doesnt like sunshine….imagine your loved ones wishing you early morning by saying “good morning sunshine” doesnt that just pep you up. The very thought of sunshine or by just hearing that word makes us all happy and cheerful. So my best friend roshni happened to nominate me to this award called the sunshine award. lol 😀 now i know why she was eager to get me check my blog 😉












so this award here has certain condition like every other awards. They are.

  • include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

The logo of the award has been included and here goes the anwsers to the 10 questins about me.

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite animal: Puppies

Favorite number:  4

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Lemonade,watermelon juice,water

Prefer Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook

My passion: Fashion

Prefer getting or giving presents:  Getting

Favorite pattern: Checks( they are trendy now)

Favorite day of the week: Saturday

Favorite flower: Rose and orchid ( its fragrance is simply amazing)

😀 eeee here i have answered the 10 questions about me. Am nominating 10 others fabulous bloggers that i peek into.

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wooow now that was some serious work. Okay so to my fablous bloggers this is a little suprise for you. Hope you guys like it 😀

Make your day worth with a little sunshine and let the world see how beautiful you are.

sunshine smile


So lonely i feel,

lost in the wilderness of pain

captured in the cage of sorrow,

drowning in the ocean of misery.

The pain of being alone

can onlu be understood when alone.

I feel lost and lonely again.

I want to be loved.

I want to be cared.

I want to be the star in your eyes,

but seems likes nobody cares.

Why do i feel,

like the world around me is so numb.

So deaf to hear me cry.

so blind to see me sad.

Nor can i blame you,

nor can i blame him.

Alone have i come to this world.

Alone shall i live in my world.

Final performance ;)

It feels like am blogging after a very long time. There was so much happening recently in college that i really did’nt get time to properly sit i write in peace….and now here am back ;D. I feel so happy after the dance performance on stage yesterday, it was our college day and it was the last and final dance that my team  would be doing before leaving college. When i mention about dance i remember the first time my dance team got on stage when in our 1st year, it was just the four of us, myself,  roshni, nithya and arya, the team was just created without any auditions and we blended in perfectly. In between 2 of our other friends had joined to but when we did our last stage performance it was back to the same 4some group. Our main intention was to just enjoy the dance and get the crowd woooow with our performance, we  rocked the dance floor  with our final performance, and trust me i have never enjoyed and danced on stage so much  like i did yesterday. we all were so full of energy, smiling and moving just to leave the stage with a bang!!! All our performance have been one among the best in college but something about yesterday was the “special” 😀dance till our drop dead

We all had 1 more  hidden agenta behind this dance, it was to show off to 1 of our teacher,  i really feel sad calling him that as it is a serious disgrace to the teacher hood, happens to tell my team member that we are weak in dancing. None of us would stand that comment nor could our classmates, as till date they always  needed us for all the cultural events  in college and when suddenly  another team started performing he started favouring them more , so this dance was more like a get back at him and we are so happy we did it, we did exactly what we wanted and we had the entire class to support us, the dance ended with the guys performance were we did a star entry haha ,” which happens to be a crime in college ” 😉  and literally got all jaws down ;D.We are literally so proud of ourself, that the entire class came running to us after the dance to say ” finally we did it!!!!!   its like united we all stood to break the rule of our college and create a  history there ;Dwe made history

Now when i  look back and think about what all i did in college and what i wanted to do, its like after yesterdays performance a part of me is filled with so much of happiness and satisfaction because this was one way to  pay tribute to my college for all the wonderful miserable  times i had to go through and i was so helpless but just swallow it.

College even though being a misery and hell, it did have a beauty and charm  its own way. If not for this place then there would have been many things i wouldn’t be doing now. For ex blogging ;p my best friend in college, roshni was the frist one to introduce me to this blogging world and the list goes on. As of for me, i learnt a lot from this place. Its like now i know how to take care so myself without having people telling me what to do and how to do. I know myself better and i know what i want. Enjoying all the freedom it gets to be our self and to love yourself the way you are, trust me is the best feeling ever.

enjoy yourself even when your alone

I end my post by saying life is too short to wake up with regrets, so live like there’s no tomorrow. Believe that everything happens for a reason, let it be good or bad. If  you get a chance take it and experience what it has, as most lessons we learn in life our through our experiences. Nobody promised life could be easy they just promised it would be  worth it.

live your life today


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