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olllaaaaa….i know its been a while since i showed up here…..its that past 1 week i was home and was caught up with lotta stuff that i really didnt get a moment to actually peacefully sit and blog. Exams started today and it didnt go so well. This is what happens when you actually study a lot, specially those topics which teachers say are important and when we get the question paper it will be all those questions which were actually not mentioned….how bizzare!!!!! This really got my mood spoiled. Its like some days even the slightess of the things might really get you off. You really don’t know why but it just happens. How much ever you try to be happy everyday ther ewill always be somethings that will either drive us really emotional or drive us insanely nutss.

But like evry other day i was planing on going back to hostel to get some sleep thinking that would probably help me get my mind off the bad exam that i had just written, and thats when roshni told me to just check my blog. So then i decided to stay back, and when i checked up my blog i saw this award that i was nominated for…its called the sunshine award….wooow i dont think anythings would have made me so happy :D. Sunshine….yes its sunshine. Who doesnt like sunshine….imagine your loved ones wishing you early morning by saying “good morning sunshine” doesnt that just pep you up. The very thought of sunshine or by just hearing that word makes us all happy and cheerful. So my best friend roshni happened to nominate me to this award called the sunshine award. lol 😀 now i know why she was eager to get me check my blog 😉












so this award here has certain condition like every other awards. They are.

  • include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

The logo of the award has been included and here goes the anwsers to the 10 questins about me.

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite animal: Puppies

Favorite number:  4

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Lemonade,watermelon juice,water

Prefer Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook

My passion: Fashion

Prefer getting or giving presents:  Getting

Favorite pattern: Checks( they are trendy now)

Favorite day of the week: Saturday

Favorite flower: Rose and orchid ( its fragrance is simply amazing)

😀 eeee here i have answered the 10 questions about me. Am nominating 10 others fabulous bloggers that i peek into.

  1. victoria writes
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  5. Adriana Ryan
  6. The Chronicles of a skinny jeans wearing toronto girl
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  10. Latern Hollow press

wooow now that was some serious work. Okay so to my fablous bloggers this is a little suprise for you. Hope you guys like it 😀

Make your day worth with a little sunshine and let the world see how beautiful you are.

sunshine smile



So lonely i feel,

lost in the wilderness of pain

captured in the cage of sorrow,

drowning in the ocean of misery.

The pain of being alone

can onlu be understood when alone.

I feel lost and lonely again.

I want to be loved.

I want to be cared.

I want to be the star in your eyes,

but seems likes nobody cares.

Why do i feel,

like the world around me is so numb.

So deaf to hear me cry.

so blind to see me sad.

Nor can i blame you,

nor can i blame him.

Alone have i come to this world.

Alone shall i live in my world.


Happy Astrology day everyone 😀

Today while reading through an article on International Astrology Day….i came across this very interesting link which said “sun signs and kissing” this suddenly caught my attention and i thought maybe i should post it here. You know we all have different ways of kissing.  Some are passionate, some give deep and heartfelt kisses, some are meaningful like it feeds your feelings and so on……

Well here comes some interesting facts on different sun signs and kissing.

Lets start of with my star sign first 😀


Libra natives are known for their balanced, polished ways.  No wonder, they make elegant but cautious kissers. A need to please everyone may make them very worried even while kissing. Romantic Libras need to let-go while kissing, if they are to enjoy the experience  completely. 😀 soooo trueeee



Taurians enjoy deep, heartfelt kisses, which promise more than just a fling. Not the ones to appreciate superficial feelings, they are sensual beings, and their soulful, sweet kisses are bound to linger on their lover’s mind for a long time.



True to their nature, Arians prefer quick yet rapturous and passionate kisses that will leave them and their partner asking for more, and the temperatures soaring! The loving Aries will love it even more if their partner is equally enthusiastic in romantic overtures.



Most Geminis love to talk. Communication is their life line. Thus, don’t be surprised if your Gemini lover talks, giggles, comments, jokes or even babbles while kissing! Ignore the initial distraction, and soon you may see your kiss turning hotter and meaningful. Reciprocate with an equal zest, and be ready for fireworks! : )



Sensitive and caring, Cancer natives like their kisses to be like their personality – warm, loving and soothing. Smothering their loved one with deep, lingering kisses is a sacred art to them, one rarely found with any other zodiac sign.



Royal, arrogant Lions, like all things, prefer their kisses hot, sizzling and wild! Ardent and courteous lovers, they prefer treating their loved ones regally. And, they demand  equally ardent attention from their partner. Hence, a kiss is an event that has to be made special each time it’s attempted. After all, a Lion’s amour is well known!



Virgo natives, like their basic nature, enjoy soft and gentle kisses. They themselves are soft kissers, and it’s the quality that matters the most to them. Caring to the core, Virgos love to cuddle and run their fingers through their lover’s hair as they seal their beloved’s heart with a loving kiss!



The Scorpio passion and drive are inimitable. Hence, when a Scorpio kisses, the result is simply sizzling, a definite turn on. Their partners, however, will need to keep pace with these frenetic, frenzied beings. Plus, many Scorpios may always be in a hurry, so their quick kiss may often be a brief prelude to the next, more important level.



The otherwise self-absorbed Archers are quite loving and considerate when in love. Same applies to their kissing quotient. Adept and sensual kissers, they know how to impress their partners. And, if the partner happens to fuel their ego by reciprocating with an equal enthusiasm, things may really heat up!



It’s rather difficult to estimate how hot and intense an otherwise prim and proper Capricorn could be in matters of love and intimacy. Their lucky partners are in for a real treat, when a much-in-love/ lust Cappy sets down to kiss. The sublime intensity and sensuality of their kiss can simply be surreal.

Capricorn Zodiac


An Aquarius is often alleged for being flippant in his/ her approach. The fact that they  prefer keeping their eyes open while kissing may further that belief. But, that’s how they like it, short and sweet. They do appreciate intensity, though, so in such times, it’s like messier the better for them!


The true romantics of the zodiac, Pisces natives prefer long, sensuous and dreamy kisses, and are sure to be hugely flattered if their feelings are reciprocated. They are wonderful kissers, and take their own sweet time to exchange big, amorous kisses. Never in a hurry, kissing may be like an independent act of passion for them.


We all have many things in life which we can;t live without. Those which are like a part of our daily routine, a part of our life, more like something we need for survival….okay am not gonna make it sound too dramatic…but in short our most wanted.

there are 5 main things that are most wanted for me….

1.My cell phone

                 My cell is the top in my most wanted. Its some kinda addiction that which will be very clear to those who have the same feeling like me. Specially when you happen to live in a place where you have no form of entertainment, cell phone can be like a heaven in hell. Staying away from my cell is equal to being dead. Its sometimes creepy how addicted one can get over a cell phone..and yet i proudly say i fall under that category too. 🙂

2. Music

                 Music comes with the phone that am using. So it gives me a good supportive reason to why as mentioned above, am so addicted to my cell phone. Both my top wants are linked with cell phones.Do you realise how much good music can change your whole mood. Music is equal to a life saver, moody or happy music always has its way of giving a new life to its liseners.

3. Chocolates

               Chocolates are the most wanted foodie mood pep up that i need. I got so used to having chocolate after every lunch that its a must i need something sweet and most preferred would be chocolates. Much often we dont realise how much a bite of rich chocolate can sooth us. Thats why i call chocolates a mood pep up.

4. Perfumes

             I know this might sound pretty weird but i dont know why, perfumes are something which i carry along with me were ever i go. Let be college or for a party or to my friends place or for a picnic outting, i always have a small bottle with me. May be because am someone who gives a lot of importance on being smelled good and i love people who smell good.

5. Note pad

            Like my teacher once mentioned, carrying a note pad shows proffessionalism, but for me its more like to scribble down some interesting facts that might have caught my attention and may be times when i just need to write something, you know the times when you get into really good mood to just randomly scribble something.

So these are my top 5’s, what is yours 🙂


Sleep sleep till you wake.
let not not destroy your day,
May love come your way,
but let it not destroy your day. 😀

People might think am crazy
but i guess am too lazy.
To think of something dazy 
cos what i feel now,
is something really mazy 😛

When was the last time 
you wrote something so bizzare 
were you just let words pour
that became a pool,
of full crazzy and funny lines.

I say.....
Go wild and smile wide.
Show the world your 
crazy side. 😀

Halleluiah, i finally posted it.This is how officially crazzy i get. As my best friend roshni,
 after reading this told me am officially crazy,thought that could be the perfect heading for this little masterpeice of my total hardwork. :P. 
Special thanks to roshni for moral support in posting this  
she's another master in total creative and crazy writing. 😉
officially crazy

Top 10

Have we ever thought how much we connect to music. I love music and good songs. They can just pep up your mood any time and any hour of a day. With my new profound addiction for songs, i thought of listing some of my all time favourites. Some must be really crazzy, never mind it just defines the crazzy, fun side of me!!! 😀

  Here goes the list my top 10……. 

1. love the way you lieRihanna

love the way you lie

love the way you lie (Photo credit: artisticana)

2. stereo hearts –  Gym class hereos

3. who am i- Casting Crowns

4. why this kolavery di- Dhanush lovePitbull (ft chris brown)

6. i hate you like i love you- delhi belly

7. eenie  meenie- Sean Kingston

8. what makes you beautiful- one direction

9. rehab- Rihanna

Stereo Hearts

Stereo Hearts (Photo credit: Robbie1)

10. theeye theeye

These are my top all time favourites…..what yours ? 😀

One day while sitting through my usual boring lectures, i thought of writing down some random thoughts that was going through my mind.

One such thought that went across my mind was about humans and their emotions. We need a lot of love and attention. In other words we are called as emotional beings. What happens when we break up from a relationship? How do we cope up after a bad break up? Well, this little piece of work is something what i have discovered and i felt, i should share it here.

Everybody at some point in their life’s goes through an emotional phase where we feel left out and lonely, get into bad mood swings, put up a grumpy face and expect people to read us though. So much do we expect from people, how much do we give them? Man is selfish when it comes their own personal thing and when emotions are involved then its twice the attention they seek.  Being in a relationship is fun and joyful but what can also end up in painful break ups. When this happens people find it really hard to cope up.

                          Recently i happen to read this book “can love happen twice” by ravinder singh. This is the kind of book which most humans can relate to their life’s at some point. Its about the author himself, were he is narrating his love story and how love happend to him for the 2nd time. It was so touching that by the end i was left with tears. must watch

I would say this book is a must watch because it really touchs the the emotional areas and gives you like a wake up ring to understand others feelings better.

We all need attention, we all need an ear to listen and we all wished if we had somebody who we could just share all our problems and happiness, but in today’s world people are so busy and occupied, that relations and commitments are just 2 words with no meaning. Often we fail to realize who we really need and whom we don’t and this is what leads us to wrong relationships. We should always be careful when we choose people who we want to confide to. From my personal experience i can say we should never go behind and make too much effort to get close to somebody who doesn’t want us, provided we stay with people who make us feel special and wanted. But what happens when its with an opposite sex? When its a guy whom your close to and makes you feel special and wanted? We fall in love right. Yes, we fall in love . We start having some special affection towards him, even if he/she might be the worst/best or average looking person, as far as they touch the emotional side of you then nothing else matters. This is why we are called as emotional being. Haven’t we all thought why this happens or keeps happening? We fall in love love then at some point break up, then again fall in love and this episode keeps repeating. Do you know what happens in the end? Most cases people loss hope in love, other cases people suicide because they feel they are not worth living anymore and in other cases they gradually with the help of their friends and family cope up with the situation.

Here are few tips that i feel you could do to cope up with a bad break up.

  1. Its perfectly fine to be sad for a while      

See its perfectly alright to be sad for some time as you are entering into a new phase of life were you have to be alone without the person whom you deeply cared for.  You have all your rights to stay sad and a little emotional, it shows there may be some things that you miss which you loved so much in that person.

2.  Talk to your close friends.

Sharing whats in your mind itself will make you feel a lot better. Talk to a friend who knows you in and out. Somebody you know will make you feel better and supports you. Tell them how you feel and whatever is in your mind. Talking your heart out is one of the best medicines that which could be used to get over a bad relation.

3.  Try to hangout with  singles.

You must be having a lot of friends who are dating and single. If your out of a bad relation, try and avoid hanging out with friends who are dating.  You know they will be coupling around when you all hangout and that  will make you feel really miserable and emotional again.

4.  Get ride of things that might remind you of them.

Start of with letters and sms’s  that you must have saved or kept to keep referring each time you missed them. Throw away all the tiny gifts and card that you have. Just get ride of everything. The best way could be to just flush it off. 😀

5.  Do the things they restricted you from.

When you are in a relation you tend to listen to them more that yourself. Even the things you love to do the most will be restricted by them. Do all that and show them how better of you are without them.

6.   Be a little cold hearted.

It might sound harsh but its always better not to give your ex’s a soft corner when they are emotional and sad. Let them get a share of their own medicine. Let them learn to deal with the situation alone or with their friends like how you did.

7.  Spend time with family.

Family is something which no relation can be compared to. Spend time with your family and be with you parents whnever possible because times like this won’t happen again. When you can make the maximum of it.

8.  Learn something from the relationship.

                   Every relation teachs us something. There will be some reason for them to leave us or for us to make a decision to leave them. We all have our flaws and realizing them and correcting them could help us when we get into the next relationship. By learning we know were we went wrong and what would be done in order to not repeat them again.

  Now comes a piece of my advice, i have been through relationships and have heard a lot too from my friends. and all the emotional drama they go through  and this is what i tell them. Our lives are precious and nobody has the right to ruin it. We are all sensitive and emotional,  but one thing we should realize is, nobody is alone. You know why after a break up we feel left out and lonely its because we gave up everything for that one person whom we love the most and when we lose them its like a part of us is gone. This is why we should always be careful while choosing the person whom we decide to commit with. When you commit it doesn’t mean you ignore others who was there with you all this while. Its equal to ditching, and when this happens to you, remember there wont be anyone.

I guess this is all that i wanted to say, i hope it must have struck some cord in those who read it . Have a happy day ahead guys.



Final performance ;)

It feels like am blogging after a very long time. There was so much happening recently in college that i really did’nt get time to properly sit i write in peace….and now here am back ;D. I feel so happy after the dance performance on stage yesterday, it was our college day and it was the last and final dance that my team  would be doing before leaving college. When i mention about dance i remember the first time my dance team got on stage when in our 1st year, it was just the four of us, myself,  roshni, nithya and arya, the team was just created without any auditions and we blended in perfectly. In between 2 of our other friends had joined to but when we did our last stage performance it was back to the same 4some group. Our main intention was to just enjoy the dance and get the crowd woooow with our performance, we  rocked the dance floor  with our final performance, and trust me i have never enjoyed and danced on stage so much  like i did yesterday. we all were so full of energy, smiling and moving just to leave the stage with a bang!!! All our performance have been one among the best in college but something about yesterday was the “special” 😀dance till our drop dead

We all had 1 more  hidden agenta behind this dance, it was to show off to 1 of our teacher,  i really feel sad calling him that as it is a serious disgrace to the teacher hood, happens to tell my team member that we are weak in dancing. None of us would stand that comment nor could our classmates, as till date they always  needed us for all the cultural events  in college and when suddenly  another team started performing he started favouring them more , so this dance was more like a get back at him and we are so happy we did it, we did exactly what we wanted and we had the entire class to support us, the dance ended with the guys performance were we did a star entry haha ,” which happens to be a crime in college ” 😉  and literally got all jaws down ;D.We are literally so proud of ourself, that the entire class came running to us after the dance to say ” finally we did it!!!!!   its like united we all stood to break the rule of our college and create a  history there ;Dwe made history

Now when i  look back and think about what all i did in college and what i wanted to do, its like after yesterdays performance a part of me is filled with so much of happiness and satisfaction because this was one way to  pay tribute to my college for all the wonderful miserable  times i had to go through and i was so helpless but just swallow it.

College even though being a misery and hell, it did have a beauty and charm  its own way. If not for this place then there would have been many things i wouldn’t be doing now. For ex blogging ;p my best friend in college, roshni was the frist one to introduce me to this blogging world and the list goes on. As of for me, i learnt a lot from this place. Its like now i know how to take care so myself without having people telling me what to do and how to do. I know myself better and i know what i want. Enjoying all the freedom it gets to be our self and to love yourself the way you are, trust me is the best feeling ever.

enjoy yourself even when your alone

I end my post by saying life is too short to wake up with regrets, so live like there’s no tomorrow. Believe that everything happens for a reason, let it be good or bad. If  you get a chance take it and experience what it has, as most lessons we learn in life our through our experiences. Nobody promised life could be easy they just promised it would be  worth it.

live your life today



What could i probably say,

to my true friend who knows it all,

u know when am sad and when my mood changes,

who catchs me red handed each time

i sway away in my thoughts

by saying”hey which world are you in”

what more can i say…they make my world.

always togethere

A true friend is someone, no matter

what all people say or do,

they will always be by your side.

Accept you for what you are and never

want you to change for them.

A true friends sees the tears in your eyes

while the others see the fake smile

that you put on your face.

For a sranger you maybe some random by stander,

for a friend a bubbly cheerful and out going person,

but a true friend knows how truely insane you can get ;P

This is why i could deticate,

this little piece of my creation

to all my true friends who know me

so well that nothing stops them from loving

the true,crazy, insane person in me.

I bet like me there will be many who must have felt and experienced the same feeling when it comes to their friends too.

Never be to late to tell or show them how much they mean to you because like one of my favourite saying goes,

nothing last forever,

so live it u, drink it down

avoid all the bullshit.

Take chance and never regrets,

because at one point you will realise

everything you did was exactly

what you wanted.

stay with each other in whatever shit we get into

This made my day……

Well on the hunt for blogging something which i can proudly say is one of my  recently  addicts , i came across something interesting which i thought maybe i could share it here. Is just a simple way of how could u make your day perfect…… 😀

  • Start the day with what you enjoy doing the most, for me i start off by looking at the mirror and saying your 1 beauty ;p
  • Greet your roomie or neighbour with a BIG SMILE

    like this eeeee

  • Get yourself some energy booster like coffee or chocolate.

    a coffe and chocolate combo

  • What were you have to wear make yourself feels sexy and beautiful.

    Look the best

  • If you feel like walking out to campus in bathroom slippers then do it…what are you waiting for?? christmas??
  • Give a big hug to your best friend or close ones

    best hug ever

  • Have your favourite food or drink
  • Go for a walk with somebody you have never been with and get to know them better
  • If you happen to hear any gossips about you…the key to ultimate happiness is to ignore them. Its your life, not theirs

    ignore them

  • Watch a movie
  • For girls…indulge in some girly gossips ;p
  • Keep telling yourself how previlaged you are to be a part of this crazzy world
  • Love yourself each day

These are jus some few random things that 1 could do to make their day simple perfect….so what is that you guys do?? ;D

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