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My Days

Only lord if i knew,

why was all this happening to me.

could i be a little prepared,

for all the turmoil that came my way.

My days have become so weary.

Even though i put up a smile,

you know deep inside i cry,

for the reason which i don’t understand,

for all i know is that am hurt.

Hurt for what!! i ask myself,

for having trusted someone so much

to be backstabbed and left lonely.

If alone did i know oh lord,

the ocean of your love open to me,

even in the times of my despair

i would’ve come to thee.

With a grateful heart,

i thank God for the cross i carry.

for every night there’s a dawn,

so shall be my days when i meet the lord.

I wait for that day,

preparing myself to be awed.

You know how much i love thee,

for my heart is overwhelmed.


On a Battle Field

heyyyyyyy…..i know am popping in after like a year and few months….1stly i had no chance to blog considering the place were i was off to for a year….and as i had stop blogging for a year there was absolutely no motivation for me to go any further with blogging. blogging for me had become once my lil personal space where in i could so freely express myself without having anybody to judge me. It feels awesome to be back….and very recently a person very randomly asked me if i write. i was taken back for a minute cause nobody really shot a question like that to me before….all i get is do you read or do you workout to stay so fit and blah blah…but when she asked me if i write…i remember telling her i used to but stop since i didnt know what to write. she motivated me to start writing cause its not that everybody gets to pen down how they feel and what they think….and tada here i am.

life has been so touch after i got back. am on a spiritual war with myself. i don’t know what to do or where i stand. i feel so lost and deserted. its like there is so much i want to do…but am lazy. can a human be so lazy…laziness at its heights. so i know i have gone down in my prayer life…the minute my connection with god is off doubts start pouring in about my faith, i question myself, take things very light.. more like a danger point.

lord i wonder why i go through all this. i have seen u work wonders and i know your love for me will neverdie but why all this confession and mood swings. all i wish now is to connect back with him. i miss you so much. i know your there watching my every step listening to my every thought but still why is this dryness in me now.

154.365 Oh God, Where Are You Now?

154.365 Oh God, Where Are You Now? (Photo credit: ashley rose,)


So lonely i feel,

lost in the wilderness of pain

captured in the cage of sorrow,

drowning in the ocean of misery.

The pain of being alone

can onlu be understood when alone.

I feel lost and lonely again.

I want to be loved.

I want to be cared.

I want to be the star in your eyes,

but seems likes nobody cares.

Why do i feel,

like the world around me is so numb.

So deaf to hear me cry.

so blind to see me sad.

Nor can i blame you,

nor can i blame him.

Alone have i come to this world.

Alone shall i live in my world.

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