Happy Astrology day everyone 😀

Today while reading through an article on International Astrology Day….i came across this very interesting link which said “sun signs and kissing” this suddenly caught my attention and i thought maybe i should post it here. You know we all have different ways of kissing.  Some are passionate, some give deep and heartfelt kisses, some are meaningful like it feeds your feelings and so on……

Well here comes some interesting facts on different sun signs and kissing.

Lets start of with my star sign first 😀


Libra natives are known for their balanced, polished ways.  No wonder, they make elegant but cautious kissers. A need to please everyone may make them very worried even while kissing. Romantic Libras need to let-go while kissing, if they are to enjoy the experience  completely. 😀 soooo trueeee



Taurians enjoy deep, heartfelt kisses, which promise more than just a fling. Not the ones to appreciate superficial feelings, they are sensual beings, and their soulful, sweet kisses are bound to linger on their lover’s mind for a long time.



True to their nature, Arians prefer quick yet rapturous and passionate kisses that will leave them and their partner asking for more, and the temperatures soaring! The loving Aries will love it even more if their partner is equally enthusiastic in romantic overtures.



Most Geminis love to talk. Communication is their life line. Thus, don’t be surprised if your Gemini lover talks, giggles, comments, jokes or even babbles while kissing! Ignore the initial distraction, and soon you may see your kiss turning hotter and meaningful. Reciprocate with an equal zest, and be ready for fireworks! : )



Sensitive and caring, Cancer natives like their kisses to be like their personality – warm, loving and soothing. Smothering their loved one with deep, lingering kisses is a sacred art to them, one rarely found with any other zodiac sign.



Royal, arrogant Lions, like all things, prefer their kisses hot, sizzling and wild! Ardent and courteous lovers, they prefer treating their loved ones regally. And, they demand  equally ardent attention from their partner. Hence, a kiss is an event that has to be made special each time it’s attempted. After all, a Lion’s amour is well known!



Virgo natives, like their basic nature, enjoy soft and gentle kisses. They themselves are soft kissers, and it’s the quality that matters the most to them. Caring to the core, Virgos love to cuddle and run their fingers through their lover’s hair as they seal their beloved’s heart with a loving kiss!



The Scorpio passion and drive are inimitable. Hence, when a Scorpio kisses, the result is simply sizzling, a definite turn on. Their partners, however, will need to keep pace with these frenetic, frenzied beings. Plus, many Scorpios may always be in a hurry, so their quick kiss may often be a brief prelude to the next, more important level.



The otherwise self-absorbed Archers are quite loving and considerate when in love. Same applies to their kissing quotient. Adept and sensual kissers, they know how to impress their partners. And, if the partner happens to fuel their ego by reciprocating with an equal enthusiasm, things may really heat up!



It’s rather difficult to estimate how hot and intense an otherwise prim and proper Capricorn could be in matters of love and intimacy. Their lucky partners are in for a real treat, when a much-in-love/ lust Cappy sets down to kiss. The sublime intensity and sensuality of their kiss can simply be surreal.

Capricorn Zodiac


An Aquarius is often alleged for being flippant in his/ her approach. The fact that they  prefer keeping their eyes open while kissing may further that belief. But, that’s how they like it, short and sweet. They do appreciate intensity, though, so in such times, it’s like messier the better for them!


The true romantics of the zodiac, Pisces natives prefer long, sensuous and dreamy kisses, and are sure to be hugely flattered if their feelings are reciprocated. They are wonderful kissers, and take their own sweet time to exchange big, amorous kisses. Never in a hurry, kissing may be like an independent act of passion for them.