We all have many things in life which we can;t live without. Those which are like a part of our daily routine, a part of our life, more like something we need for survival….okay am not gonna make it sound too dramatic…but in short our most wanted.

there are 5 main things that are most wanted for me….

1.My cell phone

                 My cell is the top in my most wanted. Its some kinda addiction that which will be very clear to those who have the same feeling like me. Specially when you happen to live in a place where you have no form of entertainment, cell phone can be like a heaven in hell. Staying away from my cell is equal to being dead. Its sometimes creepy how addicted one can get over a cell phone..and yet i proudly say i fall under that category too. 🙂

2. Music

                 Music comes with the phone that am using. So it gives me a good supportive reason to why as mentioned above, am so addicted to my cell phone. Both my top wants are linked with cell phones.Do you realise how much good music can change your whole mood. Music is equal to a life saver, moody or happy music always has its way of giving a new life to its liseners.

3. Chocolates

               Chocolates are the most wanted foodie mood pep up that i need. I got so used to having chocolate after every lunch that its a must i need something sweet and most preferred would be chocolates. Much often we dont realise how much a bite of rich chocolate can sooth us. Thats why i call chocolates a mood pep up.

4. Perfumes

             I know this might sound pretty weird but i dont know why, perfumes are something which i carry along with me were ever i go. Let be college or for a party or to my friends place or for a picnic outting, i always have a small bottle with me. May be because am someone who gives a lot of importance on being smelled good and i love people who smell good.

5. Note pad

            Like my teacher once mentioned, carrying a note pad shows proffessionalism, but for me its more like to scribble down some interesting facts that might have caught my attention and may be times when i just need to write something, you know the times when you get into really good mood to just randomly scribble something.

So these are my top 5’s, what is yours 🙂